Christchurch Dilemma

Terremoti in Nuova Zelanda, tra ricostruzione e ingegneria sociale

di Redazione

Un webdoc permette alle vittime del terremoto di cinque anni fa di raccontarsi, nel vortice di mutamenti socio – culturali che investono un luogo che non si trova a dover ricostruire solo macerie. Questo il progetto come รจ presentato sul sito dai suoi autori:

Christchurch Dilemmas is a new series from Frank Film, the creators of When a City Falls. Funded by NZ On Air and created with assistance from Radio New Zealand, the six-part series examines the major decisions facing Christchurch five years on from the earthquakes that devastated the city.

This interactive documentary encourages and empowers both residents of Christchurch and those interested in her fortunes to engage with the shifting landscape of the city. Made by, for and of Christchurch locals, our aim is to energise residents to participate in their own recovery.

Five years on from the earthquakes, Christchurch is building not just a new city, but a new social fabric. Communities are reforming physically, economically and emotionally.

The problems faced by the city are manifold: insurance woes, mental health decline, and stretched rebuild budgets. But innovation, too comes in many forms – from re-inhabiting Red Zone land to new types of housing, mental health recovery to urban planning.

All our stories are about local characters and their visions. For the last five years Frank Film has been collecting stories – our hope is that hearing these voices will re-ignite the passion we all have for our city and inspire us to play our part in building the future we want.

Episodes will screen weekly here, and

Director: Gerard Smyth
Editor: Gaylene Barnes
Website: Make Collective/Sons & Co
Producer: Gerard Smyth
Production Manager: Jo Ffitch,
Researcher Tess McClure
Audio Post, Chris Sinclair

A Frank Film production
Funded by New Zealand on Air
Distributed by Radio New Zealand