Media Theorised

Un multimedia di al-Jazeera, le grandi teorie della comunicazione e il giornalismo di oggi

di Redazione

Now more than ever, we cannot take news media at face value – we need tools to read media critically, strategies to discern how information works. This is what inspired The Listening Post’s project: Media Theorised.

We’ve taken key works of five thinkers from around the world – theorists located in the space between the cosmopolitan centre and the ‘global south’. Working with journalists, artists and political activists from Africa, Latin America, Asia, the United States and Europe, we have created five videos supplemented by essays to introduce you to these media theorists and to help you apply some of their critical tools in your everyday encounters with the media.

Al-Jazeera, nel rumore delle news contemporanee, ripropone in un multimedia la lezione di cinque pensatori sui media, l’informazione e la corretta a analitica capacità di discernere tra quel che leggiamo.

Noam Chomsky, Roland Barthes, Stuart Hall, Marshall McLuhan ed Edward Said. Non c’è molto da aggiungere, c’è tanto da riflettere.