Suffering in Silence

Il nuovo report interattivo di Care International racconta le dieci crisi umanitarie dimenticate dai media nel 2017.

Dal sito di Care International

“There is a place on earth where every day, on average, over 5,000 people have to flee their homes. There is a country in which nearly half of all young children are starving. Do you know these places? If the answer is ‘no’, you are not alone.

The news media is facing daunting challenges covering domestic news – which can lurch from issue to issue based on little more than a Tweet – let alone all the death and destruction happening globally. A dizzying array of disasters, wars and other crises rage across the world, making it hard to focus on all of them. Dwindling funds leave fewer journalists available to cover disasters, particularly those in war-torn countries that are extremely difficult to access. Yet telling the world about people who are facing their darkest hours is more important than ever.

CARE produced this report to highlight those crises that, though large, have gotten so little attention. “Suffering In Silence” is a call for the global community to help and to advocate for people in crises who are otherwise forgotten.

This is not about comparing misery. Nor about pointing our fingers at anyone, or overwhelming people with yet more crises to worry about and to guilt them into feeling helpless given the magnitude of suffering. On the contrary: In a time where “fake news”, hate speech and increasingly noisy voices from the far right, it is easy to lose track of what is also important in world news. Laurie Lee, Secretary General CARE International

As humanitarian organisations, CARE International and others work hard to deliver aid to places that are difficult to reach. In order to create meaningful change, all actors have to work together. Those with a voice in public, from media representatives to politicians, have a social and moral responsibility to support crises that are mostly off the radar.”

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