Horror and Hope in Belarus


19 Agosto 2020

Il commento del New Yorker sui fatti in Bielorussia

“We Were Locked Up in One Country and Released Into Another”: Horror and Hope as Protests in Belarus Continue

di Masha Gessen, tratto dal The New Yorker

On Sunday, hundreds of thousands of Belarusians took to the streets of Minsk and other cities in the largest protest yet against the dictatorship of Alexander Lukashenka, and the largest demonstrations in the history of the country. Lukashenka’s regime cracked down on protesters immediately following a rigged election a week earlier. The brutality of the state’s response not only failed to scare people into staying home but united them in protest.

In the last few days, accounts of people who had been detained and released have been circulating online, as have photographs of people injured by stun grenades, bullets, and batons wielded by Lukashenka’s forces. Some of those who attended Sunday’s rally held up gruesome photographs of injuries.


foto di Sergei Gapon / AFP / Getty