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La rassegna stampa di Q Code Mag delle testate internazionali

Srebrenica: How Bosnians Reported Their Most Traumatic Story

As the anniversary of Srebrenica approaches, Bosnian journalists recall how the shocking scale of the atrocities slowly became clear in July 1995 as information trickled out and the first eyewitnesses to the massacres spoke to reporters.

City properties should be homes for people first – not investments

As the mayors of London and Barcelona, we see an emergency coming. The way housing works must be changed

My name is Sun

A military defector recounts his remarkable journey from the Assad regime’s army to a rebel brigade in Homs—via Palmyra prison—to exile in Idlib and, finally, menial labor in Turkey, where he still searches for the dignified life he hoped the revolution would bring him

The fallacy of Israel’s human shields claims in Gaza

Desperately trying to justify the killing of unarmed protesters, Israel once again uses its ‘human shields’ mantra

How Europe Outsources Migrant Suffering at Sea

Il naufragio del 6 novembre 2017, costato la vita a circa 20 persone, e le pesanti responsabilita’ europee, in una ricostruzione multimediale del New York Times.